Monday, January 31, 2011

This cartoon shows so much satire because they show one of our old presdients flipping off the world and would a president of the united states do that for real no not at all. So to see them come out with a cartoon its funny poor humor but still funny.

This cartoon is a example of satire because many people find making fun of politicals is really funny humor. And in this cartoon bush peeing is just so wrong and seeing them us old presidents in the past just make it so much more funnier.

Why Doctors are Idiots

This Article is a example of satire because it explains how doctors are really idiots. If you click on this link you will see and read and understand why its satire. The article explains not all doctors that are involved in the health business arent complete idiots. It talks about serveal different time periods different years and what went on and how they made it work.

Satire Cartoon

This Cartoon has satire written all over it why beause the guy is asking why the duck is defending our old president of the united states and the duck said back because they are paying him too . Meaning if they werent paying him then he wouldnt be defending him. Any kind of Politicals have satire in them so much.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Austin Powers  in goldmember is totally example of satire because the potty humor that was written and put into all the the austin powers movies was just poor humor that of course everyone thought was funny. When Myers was writing these movies he was smart enough to make them all PG-13 so everyone was able to get in a view the video.